Importance of training your new employees

Bringing new employees into your organisation is important, but it poses challenges. There is a need to ensure that these employees are up to speed with what your agency does, what expectations you have for employees and what their role entails. No matter the position and no matter the level of…

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Why it is imperative to invest in your staff

There are so many ways that an estate agent can spend money, and this means it is vital that companies consider the benefits of utilising their time and money. All estate agents should be keen to generate as strong a return on their time and money as they can, and therefore, investing in your staff…

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Lifetime training documents for the price of £99 + vat

All estate agents know that training is essential for the development of their company and the progress of their staff, but not every training package is the same. Companies need to ensure that they are using their money and time in the most appropriate manner, and some training packages are more…

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