Agent Training: Providing training documents for every level of employee

Even if you are a small estate agent company, it is likely that you will have employees at different levels in your organisation. There will be some information that is relevant to every employee and equally, there will be information that only employees at a specific level should be provided with. It is important that estate agents provide employees with training and guidance that is suitable for their role, pay-scale, age or experience level. At Agent Training, we believe that providing the most appropriate level of training to employees is essential in getting the best from every employee.

Give every employee the tools they need to do their job as best as they can
It is important to train employees because a well-trained workforce makes it more likely your company will provide a high standard of service to your clients. Some companies may decide to offer the same level of training to all employees, perhaps believing this will create a sense of unity and conformity in output or thinking across the company, but this is unlikely to be the outcome.

New employees need trained at an appropriate level
With a new or inexperienced employee, providing them with information or training can damage them and your firm. Too much information can overwhelm an employee and if the expectations of the training is too much, an employee may think that they are failing in the role. This can cause them to panic and it could see them being flustered, making mistakes at their level. This employee needs training that is appropriate for their experience levels and their development.

Encourage experienced estate agents to keep progressing in the workplace
If you have a skilled and experienced team member, it is important that you provide them with training that is required, as opposed to being training that they already know. If you believe that the employee needs a refresher course or a reminder on what they should be doing, it is okay to reintroduce them to certain aspects of the job. However, if a team member is competent in their work, they may see training that is beneath their level as an insult or an inference that you don’t believe they can do their job properly. This could cause resentment or harm morale in the workplace. It is vital training is seen as a development opportunity, and not as something that belittles employees.

In a competitive industry, you need to do as much as you can to get ahead of your rivals, and you need to make sure you provide your clients with the best standard of service at all times. Making sure that every employee feels appreciated and receives the right level of support for their role is the starting point in delivering an overall level of service that will help your agency be seen as the ideal choice in the local area.

When you want to ensure every employee receives the right training, call on Agent Training and we will do what we can to make the process easier for you.

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