Importance of training your new employees

Bringing new employees into your organisation is important, but it poses challenges. There is a need to ensure that these employees are up to speed with what your agency does, what expectations you have for employees and what their role entails. No matter the position and no matter the level of experience held by the new employee, every new employee in your organisation requires training to help them settle into the company and the role.

One key reason why new employees need training is because training makes employees feel welcome. There are many parts of the induction process and by introducing an employee to team members and ensuring they know where everything is helps a person to feel like part of the team. It may sound sill but knowing where the toilets are and what needs to be done before taking stationery out of the stock room is important for people to know.

Give employees confidence
On top of the induction aspects that will be personal to your firm, you need to make sure that employees are at ease with how your company interacts and engages with people. If you have a set policy on answering the phone or in responding to emails, let your new employee know. If your company has a checklist of actions to take on certain days or in dealing with certain tasks, training is vital to ensure that your employee feels as though they are part of the team.
Training a new employee will reduce their nervousness and it will help the new team member to feel more confident. A confident employee is usually a great employee, and training plays a key role in ensuring your employees feel confident and engaged.

Be more consistent in your output
For the company, one of the most important reasons to train your new employee is to maintain or develop consistency. When your firm behaves in a consistent manner, customers are confident in what you offer and you develop a strong reputation. Consistent behaviour in the workplace can also speed up working practices and crucially, it does so without compromising on quality or output.

To recap, some of the key reasons why you should train new staff members is because it results in:
• Employees feeling as though they are part of the team
• Confident employees who know what they should be doing
• Consistent output which saves time without compromising on quality
All of these reasons come together to provide your clients with a better standard of service, which is something that all estate agents should look to achieve. At Agent Training, we provide you with a comprehensive range of training documents and services that guarantee your employees know what is expected from them and what your customers want to receive. This provides you with the platform to be the company you need to be in a competitive market place. When you have a new employee, training them well will ensure your company flourishes while clients love what you offer.

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