When the market sees a slowdown now is the time to invest in your team

While a slowdown in the market is far from ideal for an estate agent, it is inevitable that there will be peaks and troughs in demand. Even when there is a significant level of demand for property, as is happening in the UK at the moment, there will be times when an estate agents firm is not operating at capacity. Some firms will see this as a threat to their business, but savvy firms will see that this represents an opportunity, and at Agent Training, we are here to help you invest in your team at these times.

You have the time to undertake training
One of the key reasons to undertake training and development is the fact that you have the time to act. Many firms realise the importance of staff training and ensuring employees are skilled and motivated but when you are busy, it is hard to find the time to take this action. No estate agent firm is going to turn away clients to undertake training, that would be bad for business.

Therefore, if you have free time, it is imperative that you use this freedom to train staff members and encourage development within your team.

At this point, you want to ensure that your organisation can differentiate itself from rivals
If the market is experiencing a slowdown, the level of competition between rival estate agents increases. You want to make sure that your firm is the company that people turn to, and a skilled and confident workforce is one of the ways you will win business.

In a slow period, you should undertake additional promotional campaigns to draw potential customers to you, but it is the services you have to offer that will win you business, and this is where training provides you with the chance to flourish.

Undertaking training sends out the right signals in the marketplace
Sometimes in business, all businesses including the property market sector, perception is important. You will likely have heard tales of sales-staff, during challenging times, upgrading their vehicles. This is done to create the impression that they are doing well and to mask the fact that they are not desperate for business. Perception counts for a lot and if you show that you are taking a downturn in your stride and taking the opportunity to develop your business and team, you will find that many potential clients will consider you in a positive manner.

At Agent Training, we know that a downturn in the market can be frightening for estate agents, but it is important to remain calm and be professional. The property market is cyclical, and the free time provided by a decrease in activity can provide firms with the platform to develop skills and confidence in their actions. We offer a range of training solutions and packages that are ideal for firms looking to utilise their time in the most appropriate manner.

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