Confident Agents Win Instructions: Train Your Team

There are many different elements to being a successful estate agent. It is important that you are aware of the regulations involved with property transactions and that you guide your clients in the proper manner. There is a lot to be said for having awareness of the relevant property market and the…

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Managing Your Team: Training For All Estate Agency Staff

It takes more than estate agents to run a thriving estate agents company. Yes, it is essential that your company has skilled, qualified, experienced and confident estate agents to lead the way for your firm, but this is an industry where success is down to the team effort. Trainee estate agents and…

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Make Time With Our Time Management Training

Time is money. This is a statement that most businesses are familiar with and there is a huge desire to reduce the amount of time spent on any task. Of course, a reduction in time cannot be allowed to create a reduction in the quality of output, so it is essential to find ways that allow you and…

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Deal With Challenging Clients With Our Training

Dealing with clients is one of the most important aspects for estate agents. If you can satisfy your clients and meet their needs, there is an increased likelihood that you will win instructions, you will conclude deals and you will help your business to be a success. However, there are many…

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Importance Of Training Your Employees

These are unprecedented times, and most people and businesses are rightly focusing on the health and safety of their workforce and their clients. We know estate agents, letting agents and property management companies are facing upheaval, but we also know many companies in the business are trying to…

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